Biker or not Social Network Review

Bikerornot Biker or not Social Network Review

The world is really getting connected over the internet, thanks to what social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others are doing. But in the face of such variety and the fact that many people now own at least one account with major social networking sites, why would they keep adding new social accounts every time a new social network emerges?
The answer lies with the kind of lifestyle you live. If you’re a biker or not, you can consider connecting to some 150k like-minded individuals in the general biking community, both locally and internationally.

About site

It’s currently the largest social networking site in the U.S, catering for the biking and automotive niche of audience. is a free social network platform that works in the same way popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter work. The only difference is that it has been designed to address the needs of people who take biking as a significant part of their lives.

The features that make Biker social network more fun to use

Most people who haven’t joined this site wonder how user-friendly it is. But the fact remains that Biker or not has a very user-friendly format. Once you sign up, it doesn’t take figuring out what must be done.

Just like Facebook, you can post updates on your wall, add like-minded friends, message them and take advantage of other in-built features meant specifically for bikers.

The reason why is the number one destination for all bikers is because the technology they used to build the site is centered around those who love biking and automotive in general.

Unlike other social media platforms which give an out of the box solution for people to mingle, Biker or Not was built with customization in mind, and this explains why the site attracts some 10,000 users every month.

Other features that make biker or not even more attractive

The site has an in-built blog that keeps updating local happenings as well as biking peeps. So if you’re concerned with general biking news locally or internationally, this is something you definitely need to check out.

Once again, users can expand their searches locally or out of their zone to interact with new bikers who were originally unreachable. This way, they can find friends (like what happens in any other social network), find new riding partners and events, or even nail a date which could eventually bloom into a romantic relationship.

Find and fill up a back seat

If you’re a man looking for a woman to fill the empty space in your backseat as a passenger, you will sooner or later find that woman passenger whenever they click yes in their account. However, with this feature, a woman’s interest profile won’t be shown to the man. It’s a great way of discovering each other.


Of course users could also invite a ride, create events, attend events and even showcase what they are riding in neat gallery format. Also, the biker groups in this site are very important considering that groups usually discuss things related to biking. So you could get most of your questions answered here.

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