Sunday, April 17, 2016

Top Reasons for Younger Women Seeking Older Men Over 50

Top Reasons for Younger Women Seeking Older Men Over 50

It is always difficult for older men to date younger women because the process dumbfounds them and in most cases they don’t know where to begin. All men that are over 50 and want to date, you need not fear of the process because we are providing you with useful tips that you can use to meet younger women and build a log lasting bond.

a. Act according to your age

It is good to be aware that all the younger women that are out there are not going to be impressed by your knowledge of dancing the latest crazy dances that are in the waves. These are the kind of ladies that want someone that is mature, grounded, and acts their age. She wants you the way you are not the younger youthful man that you are trying to mimic.

b. Lead the charge

One thing with young women that you should be aware of is that they don’t want to be the ones that will make all the decisions when you are with them. Don’t even be deceive and fall into the trap of always wanting to ask her what she wants to do or where she wants to go. Be the one that is in the control of the relationship from the word go. Younger women want older men to take the lead, avoid being timid, and make a decision for himself.

c. Control your eagerness

Young ladies always have skepticism when they are dating men that are over 50 years. This is because they are worried of their attraction to them which is physical, an attempt to win back their youth life. That is why you should not be too fast to speed up the relationship to ascend to the next level. Take time and understand her because that is why she stopped seeing all those younger men that are out there.

d. Let you be missed

It is known that absence makes the heart grow, founder and that is why you need to give her a chance to miss you. Avoid the act of sending constant texts or flowers and don’t be the one that always makes initial contacts. One thing that is evident is that younger women have dealt with controlling parents, and their ex-boyfriends in their life and the last thing that they want is to encounter a man that is hovering and smothering them. That becomes childish for them to stomach and you will be inviting for problems that are not even necessary.

e. Be calm and collected

Another funny thing about women is that they tend to be dramatic about a lot of things but be calm all the time because most of these storms blow off easily. When she is freaking out about a particular issue, don’t let that get on you. If you are a man, you should learn to put your cool head under pressure, but if you don’t, you will have trouble attracting any woman to you. So, a young lady always seeks to date a person that has a stable soul, and your calmness will, therefore, be vital.

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