Friday, March 25, 2016

Online Single Christian Bikers Single Meet Local Harley Davidson Riders Dating Tips

Single bikers love to date and to find that companion who loves biking as much as they do. Bikers love to meet, greet, have fun, and get to know each other better. While they’re doing these things they love to relate over the subject of bikes and share everything they know about them.
So what is a typical hook-up for a single biker? Bikers love to live it large and have fun, so here are some biker dating tips …
Let’s have a meet-up at the pub, go for a ride and spend the day together, have dinner together and see where things go from there …
I’m open to riding out to somewhere quiet, stopping to spend some time together, drinking a beer or two and seeing if we click …
How about just hitting the road and seeing where it takes us – let’s just head out in the spirit of adventure and enjoy the day.
I fancy heading out into the countryside and exploring some new places that I haven’t been to before. Maybe we could just take a picnic lunch and a map, in case we get lost. Let’s be spontaneous.
I like the idea of riding in a rally together – that’s a fun way to get to know someone. Then we could ride back home together for dinner at my place.
Jumping on our bikes and riding off in to the wide blue yonder together. I’m not sure whether that comes first or last, but whatever works, works.
I ride a Harley and I’d like to go out with a woman who wants to stay by my side all day, on the bike and off it. If we go out together for dinner and dancing, I’d expect her to my partner and no-one else’s.
I might be a biker but I also love the Blues. Let’s ride somewhere where there’s some good rockin’ soulshakin’ blues and have a cold drink together. That’s just for the first date.
Let’s get the wind in our faces and ride out to wherever we decide. I’m a biker first and foremost and I love talking bikes and riding bikes, so wherever we decide to go, as long as we’re riding, I’m fine with it.
First dates are tricky, even for bikers, so how about, we meet first for drinks and dinner and see if there’s any chemistry. If not, then no harm done.
These are some dating ideas focussed around bikes and riding, but bikers also like to get out and about in other friendly and down-to-earth ways, such as:
Going bowling.
Lighting a campfire and sitting around for a drink and a good talk.
Going to sporting events.
Doing some volunteer work.
Walking on the beach.
Singing and playing guitars at a backyard BBQ.
Going to music concerts.
Going for ferry rides.
Going to the movies.
Going to a Casino and a Live Show.
Biker singles love to date and meet new companions, whether it’s just to talk about bikes, or to meet the love of their life. Some of the best biker dating sites are: which has taken biker dating seriously for 14 years and is seen as a #1 motor cycle dating site. is the that site makes it easier for like-minded biker singles to meet with their “habit-based” service which allows biker singles to identify each other by compatible riding habits. is a site which connects Harley Davidson riders with single women. It’s also easy to share to share biker culture and experiences on this site. is a good site if you want to meet biker singles, either male or female. A date from this site will not necessarily be someone who enjoys the biker lifestyle, but if you can accept this, then you may meet an interested single. is the site that every biker knows, whether they are single, divorced or married for life. It’s considered a dating site, because it’s a world-wide site where bikers go to mingle. It’s 100% free for bikers, but you will have to check profiles carefully to find out who is single and who is not.
These five sites all give out great motorcycle dating tips and advice.

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