Friday, March 25, 2016

Harley Davidson Enthusiasts Need Love Too!

Harley Davidson Enthusiasts Need Love Too!

Many Harley Davidson singles are individualists, otherwise they wouldn’t be straddling this powerful machine. The rumble of the engine and the thrill of the open road does not appeal to everyone, and bikers of all kinds have been misrepresented in movies and other media as “bad” boys and girls.
When single Harley riders are looking for companionship, they want to spend time with someone who isn’t scared to drive or sit on the back of a gleaming hog. Harley Davidson singles can find dates in many places; however, it helps if the person shares your biker lifestyle.
The good news is that many dating sites specialize in making matches for Harley Davidson singles! When searching the web, be sure that you are on a legitimate dating site and not a hookup sex sites for men who just want to see photos of women posing suggestively on bikes. That is not Harley dating, that is Harley voyeurism.
When creating your profile, be honest. If you don’t own or never rode on a Harley but want to learn more about bikes or bikers, be truthful about that fact. The truth will come out when you jump like a startled rabbit when your date revs up his Harley. If you are a beginner rider, don’t exaggerate your experience and expertise. By being 100 percent honest, you may end up in a lasting relationship with this person and be able to learn a lot about riding from him or her.
If you know anything about bikers, you will know there is a distinct difference between a motorcycle club and a gang. Motorcycle clubs are organizations who enjoy the fellowship of other riders and engage in charitable activities such as Toy Runs and POW and Veterans benefit rides. Be sure the person you are planning to date is part of the former, not the latter. If his or her post says they are part of a club, do a little research on the organization. Of course, it always helps to do a google search on the individual or do an online background check.
Once you get a date with that Harley Davidson single, arrange to meet at a neutral, well-lit place. You may not want to bring your bike on your first date if you will be in an evening dress and heels, so dress for the occasion, not to show off your bike. It should go without saying that you should not let the other person pick you up at your home and never, ever, get on the back of a Harley, or drive with anyone you don’t know. There will be plenty of time later for long, romantic rides down the winding roads.

If your Harley Davidson date shows up on their beautiful bike without a helmet, this may trigger some warning bells, particularly if your state has helmet laws in place. Yeah, it’s great to look cool, but it’s not so cool to suffer a serious head injury from an accident because of vanity. If the person is reckless with their own safety, they may not be too concerned with yours.

Beyond arriving to the date separately, it is just as important to go home on your own as well. Be sure someone at home or a good friend knows where you were going and with whom, and when to expect you back. This advice holds true for a first date with anyone, not just single Harley riders.

Know that your Harley date spends much of his or her free time, you guessed it, riding their Harley. Be sure to bring up other subjects during the date, so that you don’t sound like a Harley magazine article. Appreciate the gorgeous, powerful steel horse, but most of all, appreciate the person riding the bike, as Harley Davidson enthusiasts need love too!

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