Friday, March 25, 2016

Christian Dating Tips for Biker Singles

Motorcycle dating seems to be open to anyone who loves motorcycles these days. Before, it was strictly limited to those who owned Harleys and fit in with the traditional gang lifestyle. Motorcycle gangs, or clubs, as they like to be called, need to move over a little and let some of the other types of motorcycles and their aficionados in on the scene. Kawasakis, Yamahas, the old GoldWing, and many others are now finding that this is a perfect way to meet the ladies. And the ladies love motorcycles, no matter the name of the manufacturer.
Working up the courage when you really want to impress her, and not just have a one-night stand but a continuing relationship, can be difficult to do. There are a few tips you should know that will encourage you to approach that lady you see, or how to compose a reply if she’s the beauty you’ve been dreaming of, but you’re only talking online so far through one of the many biker dating sites for biker singles. Going to places where bikers hang out, mainly bars and clubs offline can help you meet people in person, but it’s safer to make a biker single profile on a site and meet people that way. It isn’t just women who can be targets of scams and crime – men can become victims, too.
Some sites are geared for those leaving religion by the side of the road, and a few, especially BikerKiss, is geared for Christian biker singles. Their reviews are excellent, by the way.
For the advice you’re wanting to read on how you should act around a potential date is first and foremost, always be yourself. This helps a LOT if you are a hardworking, respectful and respectable man or woman who cares about others. If you aren’t, then even many of the toughest bikers will soon lose patience with your conduct. Bikers do have a soft side, with many being doctors,lawyers, and other types of professionals, which most of the public doesn’t realize. Acting like a jerk, for the non-club member, doesn’t make you look like a biker. It just makes you look like a jerk. It’s only the crime that is sometimes committed, some domestic violence that isn’t any more common than in the non-biker community, and movies that give bikers a bad image. Real bikers know this, though.
So, first piece of advice is the same that your mother has always told you – be yourself. Second piece of advice, understand that dating is a slow process. Processes don’t happen overnight. They might begin overnight, but the next day brings the next step. Do you continue with this lady that you’ve met, online or in real life? If you’ve gotten her number, don’t make her wait too long before you call. If you’re interested, show it. There are other men who might be interested in her, too.
If you want to take her out on a date, ask her. If you’re nervous about asking, practice a few times. Don’t over-practice, because then it all comes out in a rush, and sounds what it is – practiced. You don’t want that. You want natural, calm, and confident. So do most ladies. If you’re into fetishes, that’s for another page! If you’re talking to her online, ask her, and make sure everything is spelled right. If she says she can’t, take it at face value. Don’t add stuff to it or assume she’ll never meet you. She has a life, too, and responsibilities that need taken care of. She may have kids, a job, a parent she takes care of, 27 dogs and cats that need fed and five just had litters… No matter what it is, she has her stuff going, too. Understanding that her stuff is important to her will go a long way. You’re just being added to it, so take your time, and let her take hers, too. Most women do not like pushy men. If you do things to put yourself in this category, you can wave goodbye to her, because you most likely will never get the chance to kiss her hello.
Women don’t like desperate men, either. Women like men who are confident, and can handle the situation at hand with patience. Women are hardwired to fall in love with nurturing and protective men, not desperate ones who will most likely turn jealous and smothering with overly attentive gestures.
Before meeting, make sure you’ve showered, shaved if you need to, or at least trimmed up your beard, have clean and nice smelling clothes on (no mothball, motor oil, or other noxious odors clinging to your clothes) that are clean, and that you’ve put up all your porn that might make her think twice about her choice in spending time with you, should she decide to come back to your place.
If she does go out on a date with you, make sure she has a good time. Eat dinner somewhere that is nice, but not super expensive. Pay for her drinks, but make sure you stay a bit more sober than she does. Pace your drinks so that you don’t drink too much and do something that you will wish later that you hadn’t have done.
Don’t forget her name! One way to do this is to have her name written on a paper in bold black marker and posted with her number in a place you will see it often. Places like the TV, the computer monitor, the fridge, so you’ll see it often. If you’re in a cage (car) put it on one of the visors.
If you run into your buddies, a bit of social talk is fine, but you don’t want any of the embarrassing moments of your life, or anything that you don’t want her to know about ‘just yet’ coming into the conversation. Make sure you introduce her to your friends. Say, ‘this is __________ and we’re just starting to date each other.’ Leave it at that. If you’ve been single for a while, and your friends start messing with you, that could be a good way to explain to her why you’ve been single for so long.
If your first date goes well, and the two of you decide to make it an all-nighter, you need to decide where to spend the night. Your place, her place, or a hotel if you’ve both traveled a ways to meet each other. Either way, make sure you remain a gentleman. There’s nothing like disappointing a lady after spending hours with her only to turn out to be a Jekyll/Hyde clone. You won’t get a second chance if you go too fast in the bedroom, or try sexual activities she’s not into. Doing something by accident, such as passing gas, well, if she can’t see through that, you shouldn’t be dating her anyway. Women like that will find something else eventually to use against you. That’s not what any man wants in a relationship, and being in a long term relationship with someone who constantly finds ways to belittle you isn’t a nice way to live.
So, in short, be yourself, be confident, and be nice. There is always some give and take in a relationship, so be flexible in your decision making. Just because you’ve been single for a while doesn’t mean you can’t accommodate a lady entering your life.

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