Friday, March 25, 2016

Chrisian Bikers Dating and Values

There are many important things to keep in mind when seeking out a partner. Many people will choose their partners primarily based on their values. The people who try Christian dating, vegan dating, atheist dating, and similar types of dating are primarily selecting a partner based on his or her values. The people who try biker dating may not be consciously selecting a person based on his or her values. Biker dating sites cater to people with specific hobbies. Hobbies aren’t exactly analogous to values. However, biker singles who seek out other biker singles are at least partly looking for people who share their values, since the biker subculture in general tends to be united by a certain set of core beliefs.

One of the fundamental divides in human thought concerns freedom versus security. This is a divide that has tremendous cultural implications, as well as tremendous personal implications. Some people care more about security, and they choose their jobs, their lifestyles, their friends, and even their partners accordingly. Other people have a tendency to prioritize freedom. They want jobs that allow them to be flexible. They want to spend time with people who are exciting and dramatic. They don’t want to feel as if they are tied down in one way or another. While not all biker singles are like this, the biker subculture and the biking hobby in general does tend to attract the people who are more likely to prefer freedom to security.

Individuals who prefer to live a more sedate existence probably wouldn’t be happy with motorcycle dating, although there are some sedate people who specifically seek out individuals who are seen as more exciting and free. It should be noted that relationships involving people with drastically different personalities have a tendency not to work out in the long run, even though they can certainly be exciting for many people in the beginning. A biker single may be drawn to a more conventional partner at first, but a relationship involving people like this may take a turn for the worst in general, which both parties should know before they even get going.

The biker subculture tends to have other associated values. For one thing, a lot of bikers tend to be people who value living in the moment and having powerful emotional experiences. They have a hobby that is at least somewhat risky. Many of them willfully accept that risk and relish in it at the same time. In fact, to a large extent, the risk is the point. They are specifically trying to get that adrenaline surge. If it were possible to make biking somewhat safer, a lot of bikers wouldn’t even enjoy it half as much. People who enjoy motorcycle dating are going to need to perceive the world in a similar way if the relationship is going to work.

Some people are risk-seekers, and some people are more interested in risk-avoidance. Naturally, many people are somewhere in the middle, since this is not a binary classification system. It is very much a spectrum, and it can be hard to find someone who falls into the exact same spot on this very broad spectrum. However, the majority of biker singles are going to fall onto the side of the spectrum that favors risk. People who are risk-seekers and people who avoid risk will often have a very difficult time getting along, even for brief periods of time. The risk-seekers will often scare the people who want to avoid risk, and the people who want to avoid risk are often going to bore the risk-seekers. It is important for people to have a similar temperament if they want to manage to sustain a relationship.

Many biker dating sites are not going to feature buttons where people can list their basic temperament. People can’t always let their partners know immediately whether or not they like to seek risk or avoid risk. People will usually have to find these things out when they are actually in the process of dating, which can leave them somewhat emotionally vulnerable. However, people who are familiar with biker singles and biker dating sites will be that much more likely to make the right decisions right away.

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