Friday, March 25, 2016

Biker Dating Sites in Australia

Biker Dating Sites in Australia

Are you looking for a companion who shares your love of the open road and the motorcycle life style, but haven’t been able to connect with that perfect biker yet. There are several internet dating sites that specialize in this free-and-easy lifestyle that may help you to obtain the companionship you desire.

I created a free account with, entered a few bits of personal information about myself, and was quickly presented with 490 potential matches of other members who lived in my area. The website bills itself as the premier biker dating site on the net, and from what I saw during my time browsing the site makes me tend to agree. There was an abundance of information contained within the profiles. Besides the biographical information, there was a huge assortment of pictures to view. An instant message feature is available, where you can communicate with any other biker who strikes your fancy. There is also an active community forum. There is a free membership, but to access all features of the site, bakers may want to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions.

Another popular dating site for biker singles is This site boast of a half million worldwide members. I created a free membershipa and, after entering my personal information and preferences, was notified that there were more than 500 potential matches in my area. Bikerkiss has many of the same amenities as does, however there are a few differences. Searches can be screened by preferences. If you have a particular interest or hobby, or a particular brand of motorcycle, you can enter it and look for someone who shares you passion. Also a member verification function (just send the site a scan of your drivers license) helps insurance member safety. Besides the free membership which gives you access to all the sites functions. It cost $29.99 per month.

If Harley Davidson’s are you passion, then this site maybe for you. The prescreening process while signing-up for the site was much more through than the other sites I visited while researching this article. Even if you ride a Harley, you can specify a number of other brands your retrospective companion can ride, thus increasing your chance of finding that perfect match. Of course, if only another Harley rider will satisfy your craving, you can screen for that. A few of the other choices include religious preference, number of children, and marital status.


If you enjoy social media (who doesn’t) you might want to checkout this site. Although small compared to the paid sites, this Facebook page has 902 likes, tons of pictures, and an active an congenial community. Get to know fellow bikers in a relaxed manner.

This site seems to appeal to the younger generation of bikers. Like most of the other sites I perused, it has a Hugh membership. I was presented with 376 potential matches after entering my demographic information and preferences, but I am quite a bit older than the the under 40 generation that is targeted by this site. A love for taking to the road on high performance bikes is the norm here. There is a $4.99 five day trial option.
A full subscription will cost you $24.99 a month.

The good news is that this is a completely free website. The bad news is that the user interface is a little clunky and difficult to navigate. I entered the same demographic information the I provided the other biker singles sites, but I received a prompt that the site wasn’t able to verify my location, and that I should verify that information. After several minutes of searching, I gave up trying to correct the problem, and just requested information pertaining to all locations. Most of the profiles I browsed contained only a picture and some basic profile information. However, a some of them contained quiet a few pics and extensive information about the user. If you don’t want to pay the premium membership prices of the other dating sites, and you have have the patience and time to browse through the many profiles presented on this site, then may be for you.

Now, head for the road, and enjoy the Autumn scenery. Good luck on your quest to find that perfect someone.

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